Training Programs

for Individuals, Teams and Organizations

At Lead Peak Performance, we provide a variety of progressive, comprehensive and transformative Training Programs. We also create customized programs based on the needs of our clients. Below is a list of some of of the Programs we've provided:

  • Courageous Leadership
    • Grow your confidence¬†to take in multiple perspectives and be decisive in taking the next right action.
  • ¬†Organizational Culture
    • Learn how to create cultures of Inclusion and Belonging that understand Diversity¬†is the source of Innovation and health of organizations.
  • ¬†Organizational Leadership Structures
    • Learn how to get the right people in the right positions for effective and efficient work teams.¬†
  • Listening to Understand Meaning
    • Slow down and focus on what a person actually means versus hearing what they are saying to respond. Practice Reflective Listening (not parroting back words!).
  • Supervision Coaching
    • Practice using¬†the Lead Peak Performance Transformational Coaching Model to develop people's critical thinking skills to figure out their own best solutions to their challenges.
  • Progressive Discipline
    • Create and¬†sustain¬†an environment of Self-Accountability. Accountability and discipline come from within. Create an¬†environment that requires Self-Accountability.
  • Meaningful and Accurate Communication
    • Communication is the Number 1 Business Process! Build ad develop your communication skills to¬†communicate more effectively and efficiently.
  • Interviewing Capabilities
    • Understand¬†the¬†most important (and often missed)¬†questions to ask and further develop Your noticing and observation skills to listen beyond words to hire better.
  • Problem/Opportunity and Positive Conflict Resolution
    • See the opportunity in problems and transform conflict into a powerful relationship building process.
  • Professional Boundaries
    • Develop healthy boundaries and know how to maintain healthy relationships with peers, those you report to and those who report to you.
  • Administrative Oversight Responsibilities
    • Understand the¬†difference between 'Political' and 'Administrative' leadership. How to create allies and not adversaries while getting things done.
  • Humble-Urgent Leadership
    • Develop an unanxious presence with a calm urgency to successfully get results. Both skills can work simultaneously for amazing results!

We provide individual, team and organization-wide Training Programs. To learn more, please click below to schedule a conversation with us.