Strategic Learning, Planning, Aligning and Executing™

Old School Strategy Plans are DEAD…

long live Strategic Planning!

As soon as the ink dries on the paper, old school Strategy Plans are no longer relevant. Only a few understand them so they accomplish nothing. They sit on shelves collecting dust or become wall paper.

That's why we work directly with Leaders in organizations on the total Strategic Planning Cycle - Learning, Planning, Aligning and Executing. Deploying and Executing any Strategic Planning effort determines it success or failure. When everyone in the organization understands their contribution, the true transformative potential of Strategic Planning will be met.

Our approach to Strategic Planning is powerful. We guide your organization though the four phases of the Strategic Planning Cycle.

    • Phase 1 – Learning Phase: We begin by gathering information from stakeholders to inform our Strategic Planning work.
    • Phase 2 – Planning Phase: We use our LEAN, simplified Strategic Planning tools that are clear, easy to understand, and easy to adapt to changing environments. 
    • Phase 3 – Aligning Phase: We will help you Align your organization to successfully deploy the Strategy throughout the organization.
    • Phase 4 – Executing Phase: You will use our LEAN Execution tools to make the Strategic Planning Cycle come alive throughout your organization, giving you the results you need.

You will be delighted with the difference the Strategic Planning Cycle makes for your organization.