Edward Davison-Gwynn, President

Edward Davison-Gwynn, President, BS, Certified Coach, serves clients by engaging with them in leadership development, strategic planning and execution, business development and executive leadership coaching. Ed works with progressive leaders who believe in employee-first, customer-pulled cultures where enriching the lives of employees and customers are lead indicators of success. Ed works with Leaders to understand diversity as the source of innovation and to seek, value, create and sustain cultures of diversity, equity, inclusion. Ed is a thought partner in helping clients reach new levels of business and personal Peak Performance.

Ed has served in numerous leadership roles in both for profit and nonprofit organizations. He led empowering work environments, always striving to develop team members to help them reach their highest potential. Ed has led small and multimillion-dollar units attributing success to creating diverse, uplifting, and positive cultures on teams he led where each teammate felt invested in, valued and a sense of belonging.

Ed helps lead and serves on the Board of Directors for an international nonprofit organization that provides a community of hope and love to vulnerable kids and their families through education and resources.

Ed authored four books, two of which achieved #1 Best Seller status on Amazon. 

Ed holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Business from the New York State University System.

Additional education and development include: Leadership Coaching Certification, University of Rochester; Effective Communications and Human Relations/Skills for Success Certification.

His favorite areas of interest are spending time with loved ones, reading, traveling and nature.

Ed’s passion is leadership, specifically; how inspirational leaders can transform the world.

To reach Ed, email him at [email protected]