Brent Burkhardt, Vice President

Brent Burkhardt, BS, Vice President, is a seasoned leader with a diverse background that spans New York City’s hospitality and film production industries.

He led fine dining and production teams where the dynamics of exceeding clients’ exacting expectations required creating a seamless flow together.

He created his own company, Around The Fire Media, and produced commercials and independent projects with a focus on amplifying the voices of marginalized communities through art. He told stories that would otherwise go unheard. His commitment to inclusivity reflects his dedication to making a positive impact through creative communication.

His hands-on, adaptive leadership style is the key to his success leading teams, no matter the industry, to deliver an exceptional product.

An advocate for continuous learning, he embraces challenges as opportunities for growth. Whether in the Board Room or on the Film Set he believes that each hurdle presents a chance to innovate and refine his craft.

His unique, multi-faceted perspective, seamlessly merges the worlds of hospitality, storytelling, production, and leadership.

In his role as Vice President, he brings a wealth of creativity, a forward-thinking approach, and a commitment to fostering diverse and impactful narratives to open people’s heart and minds.

Brent’s post graduate education includes communicating, executing and coaching public speaking as well as producing, promoting and advertising films and podcasts.

Email Brent at: [email protected]